(Sun Vision)
Genre: Afro House, Afro Tech, Deep House

You are as much dust as I am in the universe.
I am nothing just a small spark. The outer space is my only friend that keeps me alive, the sun is the connector that allows me to do music. Under the sunlight I make people smile. It does not matter who you are! The only thing that matters to me – if you are a good person and wants to smile!

If my music is still not enough for you and you still need to know more about me.

I am composing electronic dance music from 1994 while representing the Czech Republic.

Reached charts: Beatport Afro House TOP100, Beatport Tech house TOP100, Beatport Best Afro House Closing Tracks 2018, Beatport Best Afro House Anthem 2018, Won 1 Price Beatport Remix, the track Space Flowers was chosen as the official track for the DYSTōPIA 2018 party at Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel next to artists like Pharell Williams, DJ Koze, ARTBAT, Shimza, Rampa, Adam Port, and Armand Van Helden.

I worked on music with Marc Romboy, Martin Landsky, Xenia Belivayeva, André Winter, Ken Ishii, Deepchild, Oliver Klein, Dean Demanuele, Shades Of Gray etc.
Released on labels: Sun Vision, Systematic Recordings, Dazed & Confused, Tretmuehle, Beef Records, Black Fox, Tribal Vision etc.

I am playing gigs regularly around the world in countries like: Germany (Ritter Butzke, Polygon, Weekend), Czech Republic (10 years resident DJ of Roxy), Netherlands also ADE Amsterdam, Switzerland, France, Italy, Malta, Spain also Ibiza and Canary Islands, Portugal also Madeira, Israel, Egypt, Peru, Brasil, Mauritius, Great Britain to name a few.

My record label: Sun Vision
(Please notice that flights must be booked from one of these airports: Prague, Wroclaw, Dresden)

Kim Pixa is an always smiling guy with a lot of humility and like others say, legendary producer, dj pioneer, director, poet, and owner of Sun Vision and well respected international artist from Czech Republic – focuses mainly on electronic music. Kim grew up in the Old Town of Prague in the artistic family of famous musicians and filmmakers, which had a great impact on his musical career. He started first with the music program Fasttracker in 1994, followed by Fasttracker 2, Fruity Loops, Cubase, Nuendo, Catwalk and Ableton. His first debut album was released in 1997 on CD, and his memoir re-editions is being prepared. The DJ’s carrier began in 1994, and in 1997 he succeeded in acquiring his first turntables Technics 1210 via Westbam and Africa of Islam and began playing vinyls.
A big upswing followed when he became a member of the legendary underground club U Bukanýra and helped build it from the scratch in the very beginning. Kim’s first manager became his long-time friend and production chief Lukáš Chocholouš. In 2003 Kim performed LIVE with singer and actress Tereza Nekudova (back days Skyline).
Then came the year 2004, when he met DJ Wega. From the Wega and Kim pseudonyms was formed the name WeKi or also WeKi DJs.
Together they gained many fans across the Czech Republic and built strong resident nights in clubs such as Roxy, Bukanyra, Chapeau Rouge, Old XT3, Palac Akropolis, Mecca, Café Amsterdam, etc. for many years. WeKi brought to the Czech Republic as the first – the German electro and minimal electro sound, this style became the main wave of electronic music after that and due to the great popularity they were given the residence of Elektra in the biggest Czech club Roxy. In 2006 found the boys the visionary Aleš Bleha and offered them managerial services. They played at all major festivals and major stages of legendary festivals such as Summer of Love, Rock for People, Sazava Fest, Planet Love, Cosmic Trip, O2, Philip Morris stages, Coca Cola stages with artists like Kraftwerk, Hell, Chris Liebing, Vitalic, Miss Kittin, Electrochemie, Kosheen, etc.
Weki are the producers of the anthem for the festival Summer of Love 2007 “WeKi – Open Your Mind” which was downloaded in just over 10000 unique users a week. For the second anthem of Summer of Love 2008 “WeKi – Close To Your Heart”, Weki were looking for a singer. That time Aleš Bleha offered them Fidelity Kastrow. In the same week contacted them manager of Fidelity Mr. Mark Reeder (MFS) who wanted to buy the copyrights. The offer on their part was for free and did not take into account their long-term work on the track. When Weki stood behind their work not to sell the hymn, Mark Reeder decided to bypass the boys and made his own copy with Fidelity Kastrow and Jonty Scrufff . This turned into a big problem because the anthem was already registered under OSA (Czech Gema, Ascap) and by the Czech law you can not sell the rights. Aleš Bleha pushed the boys to sell the hymn without success and this ended up their relationship. This was a big scandal, which was the most reeded article of the year on the server. Thousands of fans stayed behind WeKi.
The first WeKi EP was called “WeKi – Closer To Me,” with the vocalist Ronnica (Veronika Maskova) and the baptist support came from Azad Rizvi. The entire EP was released as the first record and vinyl on the starting record company Beef Records in 2005. This EP reached the Beatport Tech-house Top 50. 
WeKi helped launch also the Beef Records label to Michal Schwa, where they released several EPs, including two successful remixes for Deepchild. Together they promoted the Beef Records brand in the Czech Republic and DJ Schwa replenished them on their resident nights.
In 2007, David DKP (Kieslowski, Xavier Baumaxa, Houpaci Kone) joined Wega and Kim, singing their biggest hits “Women on the Seafloor” and “Eyes of Tutanchamon” and “Burning Lisbon.” This album called “Evil Kiss” also hosted rapper Dub-U. In 2009 they celebrated with the very popular track “Golem” and remix from Oliver Klein & Peter Jürgens (Kling Klong). The Spanish company Ecler offered WeKi collaboration with the help of Aiffel Records, and gave them their super LIVE mixer EVO 5, which worked as a timeless controller
 (they made live music on the spot – check Weki TV Ocko).
The WeKi LIVE Tour was also heard in TV Óčko and the last performance was 2010 at the O2 Telefónica Open Air Festival next to Faithless and Kosheen on the stage. Afterward WeKi decided to split up.
Today DJ Wega is a college professor.
Kim Pixa moved permanently abroad to Spain and then to Canary Islands, where he regularly played.
At that time, he rejoined the international Beatport remix competition and won the first price. This opened him the doors to the world’s top electronic dance music scene.
The win was released on the Systematic Recordings label. The label owner was none other than the world-renowned star himself Marc Romboy, who reunited with Kim and released 3 releases including 1 vinyl. The name Kim Pixa comes written next to names such as Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin, Robert Babicz, Kink, Ken Ischi or Adriatique on Systematic Recordings.
In 2013, Kim moved to Berlin from Spain where he spent one year. His home became the legendary underground club M.I.K.Z., where he often played.
In the spring came the offer to release his next EP “Wo ist die Liebe geblieben” with the singer Xenia Beliayeva (Kompakt, Datapunk) on Black Fox. Remixers were Andre Winter (Senso, Ideal Audio, Confused) and Dean Demanuele (Bedrock, Mobilee). The vinyl “Kim Pixa feat.Xenia Beliayeva – Wo ist die Liebe geblieben”, reached the top 20 vinyls in Germany. The music also appeared on RTL TV serial Tag & Nacht Berlin. For example, it was charted by Oliver Huntemann.
To get more inspiration Kim Pixa moved to Malta, where he produced the album “My Sweet 18” along with MC Manda. Their biggest hit was the track “In The Woods” and “Lead Your Body”. The entire album was released at Kim’s record label Sun Vision.
In Malta Kim joined also the record label Dazed & Confused
and he had also two summer season residences.
During summer 2016 Kim made a successful EP “Liberté” with the French singer Charlotte Devallois and the remix was made by the legendary Martin Landsky (Poker Flat, Upon You). 
Liberté was supported by Pig & Dan, Riva Starr (Snatch!), Sasha, Kaiserdisco, Paco Osuna (Plus 8), Gorge, Marquez Ill and many more.
In 2016 Kim Pixa played 44 international shows in prestigious clubs and co-organized events with Lee Van Dowski and Martin Landsky in Germany, Switzerland and other countries across Europe. For example in Berlin (Germany), Kim opened the famous rooftop terrace of Berlin Club Weekend, where he played twice for the whole year, played in Ritter Butzke and Kosmonaut on the main stage. His unique afro deep house sound made him to the most booked international Czech DJ abroad in 2016.
In 2017, Kim Pixa played in Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Ibiza and other countries while promoted his EP Rooftop supported by Acid Pauli, Pig & Dan, Timo Mass, Steve Lawler, Ray Okpara, Sasha Breamer, Riva Starr. Kim was also behind the biggest festival in Czech Republic called “Spilberk” and played on the main stage with H.O.S.H. and Dean Demanuele.
Back to his releases “Ibiza Colors” EP was very popular especially in the summer with tracks “Sunset del Mar” and “I can this” (check out the youtube channel). Berlin atmo track “Glitter” and the last EP “Truth” with the ballad “Meditation”.
During winter 2018 Kim was invited to play at the island Mauritius where he stayed longer to produce his upcoming album.
In summer 2018 came the biggest change in Kim Pixa’s sound, vocals, mastering, and brand, he opened a new studio for music and video work in Prague and started to produce afro house tracks with his own special manuscript. The success came with first EP Gorilla. The track “Feel Sunny” reached the 11 position at Beatport’s Future Anthem: Afro House and is played at Radio 1. Worth mentioning is also the banger track “Gorilla” with great feedbacks.
But the really succes came with the blooming Ibiza hit single of 2018 “Space Flowers” which was officially played in mixes of Bedoiun, Sebastian Leger etc. and  chosen as the official track for the DYSTōPIA 2018 party at Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel next to artists like Pharell Williams, DJ Koze, ARTBAT, Shimza, Rampa, Adam Port, and Armand Van Helden.
In September 2018 came out the third release called “Lion Heart”. The track Lion Heart reached the position 16 in the best Closing Tracks: Afro House by Beatport and climbed on the 82 place in the worldwide BEATPORT AFRO HOUSE TOP 100 CHARTS.
In autumn Kim Pixa represented Czech Republic at ADE Amsterdam 2018 and in Tel Aviv Israel.
After that came out the last EP for 2018 “Caribou Spirit”  inspirited by the traditional Nordic music this is why it is called Nordic House. Fascinated with nature, culture and throat singing, Kim Pixa came up with the idea to create a song devoted to Caribous and the Arctic regions of Eskimos.
2019 is planned the new album and many more.
For any other information of the LIVE set, DJ set, booking or cooperation email us via the contact form. 
Kim’s new resident party Bliss at U Bukanyra with his soulmate Airto is one of the best afro – deep house nights in Prague at the moment – it is a must to visit this party while you in Czech Republic.